Didn’t even know Adele was here (said, I know), but I found this story interesting…..you can read the full story at TBD.com (by Sarah Godfrey).
Last night, the British soul singer Adele played the 9:30 Club, but not everyone with tickets got to hear her amazing voice. Some Adele fans showed up at the club last night and quickly learned that their tickets were counterfeit.
“I immediately knew something was wrong when I saw the line around the corner and down the block,” says one man (he asked that his name not be used) who purchased fake tickets from a seller calling himself “Alexis” on Craigslist. “Then I noticed they had set up a ticket checkpoint at the corner instead of at the door. The guy looked at my ticket, immediately asked me where I bought it, then put it in his pocket and asked me to step to the side while he checked it out. There were about eight other people who were asked to step to the side, too.”
At the end of the night, according to accounts from people who were at the club, somewhere between 15 and 30 people presented fake tickets.

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