Tyler The Creator has now joined many other hotly anticipated acts in a fashion that some may think is nothing more than a timely dupe – the Odd Future’s de facto leader’s album Goblin, backed by popular British indie XL Recordings, has leaked to the Web and it is causing a frenzy like no other.

After duping fans with fabricated leaks of his debut album adding Celine Dion songs and other humorous bits according to tweets from the Odd Future Wolf Gang leader, it seems that an official leak of the album has hit the web and rabid fans have snatched it up to dissect the release – yet some supportive OFWGKTA fans are defiantly refusing to download the leaks until the album’s official May 10 release.

Currently in Belgium as part of an Odd Future European tour stint, Tyler has yet to address the official leak, which one fan on Twitter seemed to suspect it as a set-up as Tyler was featured in a glowing New York Times feature today. A suspicious @Matt_T tweeted, “Interesting that Goblin finally leaks the same day as the NYT piece. HMMMMMMMMMMMMM. savvy move Tyler.”

Whether it’s a clever ruse or not, hoards of fans have downloaded the album gleefully while many others are decrying the early birds for not being patient. “GOBLIN has me shook no lie < I thought Tyler was all talk, but this is sounding too good! Yeezy gtta watch his back!” said @Saronya in a retweet. “I pre-ordered Tyler, The Creator’s Goblin album (deluxe version) the other day. I’m sorry but I would never disrespect by looking for leaks,” tweeted @DiCapo.

Fan @lakergang_ kept it sweet and simple with, “[L]istening to tyler the creator’s new album, Goblin. n it’s sick! #OFWGKTA” But as all things in life, you can’t please everyone. “[H]ah Goblin is trending cause it leaked.it was over hyped anyways i bet you it sucks the fat one lol.Tyler the Creator is a skilled douchebag,” tweeted an unimpressed @Made4Play.

Goblin is the second full length album from Tyler The Creator with 2009’s freebie album BASTARD serving as his debut.


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