The 4th annual Roots Picnic was headlined this year by The Roots (of course) and Nas, who performed a special set backed by The Roots. Shout Out to IATWL

Check out the setlist and audio download link after the jump. Check footage of the performance here.

  1. Intro (What They Do)
  2. Proceed
  3. Quills
  4. Step Into The Realm
  5. The Fire
  6. Respond/React
  7. Stay Cool
  8. Concerto Of The Desperado
  9. The Mic (ft. Truck North)
  10. How I Got Over
  11. Here I Come
  12. Get Busy (ft. Dice Raw & Peedi Peedi)
  13. Jungle Boogie
  14. Get Down (ft. Nas)
  15. It Ain’t Hard To Tell (ft. Nas)
  16. The World Is Yours (ft. Nas)
  17. Made You Look (ft. Nas)
  18. One Mic (ft. Nas)
  19. Nas Is Like (ft. Nas)
  20. If I Ruled The World (ft. Nas)
  21. Hip Hop Is Dead (ft. Nas)
  22. The Next Movement
  23. The Seed 2.0
  24. The Bottle
  25. Men @ Work
  26. Outro

Download: The Roots + Nas – Live @ The Roots Picnic 6-4-11

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