Former Black Panther Elmer G. “Geronimo” Pratt died in Tanzania late Thursday (June 3rd) night. Pratt was the former Minister of Defense for the Black Panther Party, and in 1972 was unjustly prosecuted and eventually served 27 years in prison for a murder. Pratt came to epitomize the oppression suffered by many left-wing activists from the 60s and 70s at the hands of the C.I.A. and American Justice system. It was proven that he was a victim of former CIA head J. Edgar Hoover’s CointelPro movement that targeted prominent civil rights, anti-war, and community leaders.

Pratt was also the godfather of Tupac Shakur, and the rapper mentioned his infamous godfather on his album Don Killuminati: the 7-Day Theory.

Geronimo Pratt was 63 when he died from a heart attack.

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