And the Vibe Magazine vs. Amber Rose debacle continues.

As previously reported, Amber Rose posted an explicit laced vent on twitter last week accusing Vibe of publishing a story and interview that wasn’t accurate. “Just read “my” interview in @VibeMagazine half of the story was untrue & ridiculous! F##K that Cover F##K @VibeMagazine yall wrote a bunch of negative bullshit that I never said or did.”

Earlier today, Vibe’s EIC Jermaine Hall posted a message to Vibe’s website, sticking by the validity of the article published in the magazine. A snippet of the interview was also posted which details a bit of a struggle with completing the interview with Amber Rose. After briefly talking about her sexuality with the Vibe writer (who’s also bi-sexual), her manager expressed that she wanted her to shy away from questions regarding her being bi-sexual since she is in a current relationship with a man. For some reason or another, the interview wasn’t completed and Amber later requested another writer as she felt the first one, Tracy Garraud was trying to hit on her.
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The conversation turns, however, after the reporter mentions that like Amber Rose, she too is a proud bisexual. They talk about their shared crush on Disney’s Princess Jasmine, but then Rose’s manager chimes in: “I don’t want any girlfriend talk. She’s in a relationship with a man right now, so can we talk about that?”“We can talk about it,” Rose says. “It just has to be written very tastefully because when people think of bisexuals they think of nasty, freaky girls that have threesomes all day.”

Time is up. When Rose departs for her meeting, her manager asks if she could borrow VIBE’s Town Car.

A call to arrange another interview with Rose, results in her manager quickly hanging up.

Later that afternoon, a VIBE editor contacts Rose’s manager. The manager is concerned about some of the people contacted for secondary interviews. She also suspects that the reporter is trying to have sex with her client. Rose, her manager says, isn’t comfortable talking to the reporter again, so VIBE agrees to let another contributor conduct the follow-up interview with Rose.

That’s about all that Vibe teased from the article before prompting their readers to pick up the issue on June 7th, however, Animal New York got their hands on the issue and posted an excerpt from a second person interviewed. The anonymous source painted her as somewhat of a nympho who had no regards to her boyfriend’s work ethic.

The high-profile relationship took a turn in Hawaii during Kanye’s recording sessions for his cathartic fifth album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. West Booked an entire Honolulu studio indefinitely for 24-hour slots while a cast of artists joined him for long days of business. Rose allegedly didn’t take to the all-work, no-play atmosphere. “In Hawaii [Amber] was being obnoxious in the studio like, ‘What the f*ck? I wanna f*cking eat,’” says an anonymous source. “Kanye got so mad because here he is trying to record and she keeps talking about, ‘Let’s go back to the house, I wanna f*ck. We haven’t f*cked in two days.’ I left the room for 10 minutes and when I came back he [told her], ‘Yo get the f*ck up out of here!’ She left the room crying.

I’ve personally never seen a magazine publish information from an anonymous source (a weekly tabloid or blog maybe?) so it’s understandable why Amber Rose would be pissed, however I do think she could have went about vocalizing her distaste in the cover story a little differently.

At the end of the day, Amber Rose gets tons of press from her outburst and Vibe Magazine sells a lot more covers.

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