Those who appreciate music will travel great distances to partake in some of the best performances. For instance, Las Vegas has become well known as a music venue and many of the top places to go are found in the casinos of Las Vegas. In fact, some of these venues have become well known for the music they provide. This is the main issue that sets Las Vegas apart from its major competition Macau and even online sites like online casino, offering alternative entertainment. It is a good way to both source other revenue and get punters in after the gigs.

The Aria Casino which is popular in its own right for gambling provides Vegas visitors with one of the city’s top music venues. The Haze Nightclub has attracted many acts over the year including well known artists like John Legend and Nelly. While the venue attracts many celebrities to perform, it also features many celebrity spectators and guests here should do some people watching as they never know who they may spot at the Haze.

The Coliseum at Caesar’s Palace provides guests of Las Vegas with some of the best music shows and the facility has ample seating in comparison to some other venues in the city. With 4300 seats, it is easier to obtain tickets here than other places. Over the years, there have been many different music acts and currently performers here include Celine Dion, Rod Stewart and Shania Twain. Not only do music events occur here but other types of entertainment as well, sporting events and comedy shows have also been featured at the Coliseum.

Even larger than the Haze and the Coliseum is the Joint which offers seating for 4500 people. Found within the Hard Rock Casino, this venue provides more concert like performances, with KISS having just announced a residency. When it first opened, the Hard Rock Casino didn’t even have a music venue. It was later on with an expansion project that the facilities size was doubled and included the Joint.

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