Ddotomen managed to track down the producer responsible for Lil Wayne’s song that he debuted on MTV Unplugged called “Nightmares of The Bottom“. Here’s the result of the conversation, which you can read fully on The Source.
Okay introduce yourself to the world:
Wassup world, I’m Ben Vaughn, better known as ‘SnizzyOnTheBeat’. I’m 17 & I was born in raised in west Texas. SnizzyOnTheBeat.com
How did you get started making music and producing?
I first started making beats.. Well actually, let me take it back a little bit. When I was 6 years old, I took piano lessons for one year.. I stopped taking piano lessons after the first year and quit playing because I felt like I had lost interest in it.. Then when I was 11 years old, my dad bought a Casio keyboard for me, so I started playing again. Honestly, as far as what made me wanna start producing/making beats goes, I really don’t remember specifically.. I just know that since then I’ve always been real interested in music.
I was on the internet one day and I came across Soundclick & was posting on the forums and this dude Izzy hit me up on MSN & we started talking & I downloaded FL Studio & started fucking around with it.. After that it was a done deal.
Who are some of your influences in making music and explain your style?
Back then, I was a big fan of southern rap.. I listened to alot of Ludacris, Lil Jon [ha ha] & really just southern artists mainly.. But I kinda fell out of that phase & branched out and started listening to alot of different styles. But as of now, my favorite artist as far as music goes is hands-down Drake & his producer 40. Nobody makes beats like 40.
My style.. It’s just my style I don’t really know how to explain.. I like to have melodies that are different, and chords that stick out that you wouldn’t normally hear, but where they sound good together.
How did you land on the name “Snizzy”?
[laughs] oh boy.. That goes way back. Me & a friend we’re trying to come up with a name for our little ‘rap group’ and we put mine and his name together and added izzy and there it was. It just stuck ever since.
So we understand that you are in fact the producer of Lil Wayne’s song from Tha Carter IV called “Nightmares of the Bottom?”
It blows my mind just reading that question, but yessir.

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