Boys II Men – Twenty (Artwork x Tracklist)

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Boys II Men are back. The upcoming release will celebrate their 20 years as a group, and with all new material, Twenty is set to release on October 25th.
1. “Believe”
2. “So Amazing”
3. “Put Some Music On”
4. “Slowly”
5. “More Than You’ll Ever Know” feat. Charlie Wilson
6. “I Shoulda Lied”
7. “Benefit of a Fool”
8. “Refuse to Be the Reason”
9. “One More Dance”
10. “Will You Be There”
11. “Flow”
12. “One Up for Love”
13. “Motownphilly”
14. “On Bended Knee”
15. “Four Seasons of Loneliness”
16. “Water Runs Dry”
17. “A Song for Mama”
18. “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday”
19. “I’ll Make Love to You”
20. “End of the Road”
21. “Not Like You”

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