From our new writer, Kamaren Kelton:
Since its birth, hip hop has been dominated by artists with distinctive styles that directly reflect their native culture. This includes lyrics infused with local slang, club culture, and other aspects of daily life. Although this has made it possible for rap enthusiasts around the globe to get a glimpse of life in urban neighborhoods across the country, it has also caused some up and coming artists to be prematurely categorized based on where they’re from. Fortunately, in more recent years we have seen an emergence of artists determined to avoid such stereotypes. ASAP Rocky, a native of Harlem, New York, is one such artist. His flow and style are far from what you would expect from a “New York rapper”. His most recent mixtape Deep Purple features his smooth flow and witty lyrics over 808s, pulsing rhythms, and high energy hooks. His music is best described as a fusion of styles and sounds, with southern rap being a major influence.
This is very evident in songs such as the popular “Purple Swag.” ASAP Rocky has a rapidly growing fan base that supports both his music and the ASAP movement. In an interview with FaderTV, ASAP Rocky and his comrades described the movement as a way of life promoting focus, a persistent hustler mentality, and success. Perhaps it was this very state of mind that helped him land his recent deal with Polo Grounds/RCA Records. ASAP Rocky has expressed his excitement about what the deal will mean for his career and his team. It is clear that ASAP Rocky has chosen not to adopt the stereotypical “New York rapper” image and style, but rather develop a sound of his own reflecting his personal musical preferences and influences. He has a growing fan base, star quality, and endless potential. Be on the lookout for his upcoming projects including a highly anticipated mixtape Live.Love.ASAP, He is also scheduled to be an opening act on Drake’s “Club Paradise” Tour. 

It’s finally arrived…..and not a moment too late. Tracklisting and download link after the jump.

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