Cole’s album is finally here. “Cole World: The Sideline Story“. When we think of the word sideline, we automatically think of sitting on the bench. A person gaining knowledge by observing the game and even practicing with the greats. J. Cole released “The Warm Up” to get us prepared for “Friday Night Lights” which made us check out for him on “Any Given Sunday”. Since Cole’s last mixtape “Friday Night Lights” you have to say he had his fans at the edge of their seats anticipating for his debut album. I personally think that mixtape was his best.

Its been 3 years since Cole signed his deal with Jay-Z. Cole has shown a major growth throughout his career. On this album, he talks about his come up in this music industry, from where he was then and to where he is now. In the Intro and Interlude on the album you can feel the same excitement and anxiousness he had when he found out he got signed. He even explained how he went to jail shorty after he found out. “Spending a night in jail realizing, these n***as have no clue I’m about to sign these papers”.

Cole touches on topics that everyone can relate to. He speaks on what happens in our communities: single parent homes and the responsibilities of being a man. The track “Lost Ones” talks about a very young couple finding out their having a child. Cole speaks on two point of views, the boy and the girl. Tracks we have heard before also made its way onto the album such as “Lights Please” and “In The Morning” with Drake.

Overall, some tracks will have you moving in the club and celebrating with Cole his grind to success. My personal favorite tracks are “Dollar and a Dream III”, “Can’t Get Enough”, “Mr. Nice Watch”, “Nobody’s Perfect”, “Cole World” and “Lost Ones”. This album was what I was expecting from Cole. And what I love about Cole is that he explains his struggle. His lyricism is on point and the honesty he pours out onto this album. This is just the beginning for J.Cole. I’m anxious what he has for us next. And if your sleeping on Cole its about that time you wake up. We love, I love Hip-Hop.

Rating: 4.5 Stars
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