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As you know “Take Care” from October’s own Drake leaked a week before the actual release date, November 15th. Personally I’ve been anticipating this album ever since Drake announced the release date. When it leaked, I couldn’t wait anymore. Thanks to Hulkshare, I downloaded this amazing album. Drake handled the leak with great class. On Twitter the rapper tweeted “I am not sure if the album leaked. But if it did thank God it doesn’t happen a month early anymore”. Usually artists would vent their frustration over finding out their album has been leaked. But c’mon it’s Drake’s album, it was bound to get leaked. He told his fans to enjoy and “Take Care”.

Drake has come a very long way since “Replacement Girl” days. It has only been 4 years. Since then, Drake has endured highs and lows. He’s had several failed relationships, but they were used as inspiration for his music. “Thank Me Later” was a kiss-off to his contemporaries, this new album is more of a kick in the face. He has put much more time into his craft and using keyboard driven beats. Drake uses influences from artists of various genres including soul: Stevie Wonder, Chantal Kreviazuk, and samples the late great Gil Scott Heron on the Rihanna collaboration, “Take Care” He is also becoming more versatile by singing more. The outcome, is this honest album that showcases Drake’s vulnerabilities, insecurities and frustrations.

The realness of “Over My Dead Body” is beyond amazing. Drake opens up Take Care by talking about his life as a mainstream artist in Hip-Hop. This song is a beautiful stage-setter and a reintroduction into Drake’s world. The fact that he uses a piano makes the song even more appealing and his voice just carrying the song along. He spills pour honesty on this record. This song gives us a look into how Drake feels about all of his past success leading into Take Care. Besides his fame and success, he talks about relationships that have hurt him. He ends “Shot For Me” with a simply spoken string of well put together lines by a Notorious B.I.G classic, “Hustler’s Prayer.”

“May your neighbors respect you. Trouble neglect you. Angels protect you, and heaven accept you.” Drake starts this song singing, which I find very soothing as the song plays along. Great flow, very clever and as always, meaningful lyrics. I have to say everyone can relate to this song so much.

The song that I found most interesting is “Crew Love” featuring The Weeknd. The production is insane. Drake’s voice comes in towards the end of the second minute, the beat finally drops and the whole song comes together. The production builds up to this awkward cliffhanger climax in the middle of the song, and Drake’s voice changes the pace. The Weeknd’s feature just made it even better.

The track “Underground Kings” makes me want to seriously just rap in my room. As usual Drake goes in. Drake’s flow on this one is absolutely pristine. I loved the fact that he payed homage to Birdman and Weezy’s classic “Neck of the Woods”:

“Walking like a man, finger on the trigger, I got money in my pocket. I’m an uptown nigga. Uh.”

“Lord Knows” with Rick Ross is definitely another hit next to “Underground Kings”. The mix of gospel choir, a R&B sample and a stomping beat. Also look out for a Drake and Rick Ross mixtape “You Only Live Once” in the works. I’m really looking forward to hearing that.

You can say Drake has a lot of great songs on this album and a few bangers like the collab he did with Lil Wayne on “H.Y.F.R. (Hell Yea F**kin Right)” and his second single “Make Me Proud” with Nicki Minaj.

Besides Drake’s meaningful and catchy hooks, some Drizzy fans are a bit concerned on why Drake went a certain direction with this album. They feel that this album is a bit depressing. Drake is usually filled with so much energy in his music. Listener’s say that his last album is better than this new album. He’s singing way to much. People are also questioning where did this “music” come from, its NOT Drake. Its seen as a R&B album rather than a Hip-Hop album. But we have to understand that Drake is just displaying his skills. Drake is a great artist. Who you know got nominated for a Grammy off a mixtape? His lyrical content continues with his thoughts on life, love and the meaning of success.

I am very impressed with this album and cannot wait to see what he does with the next one. We love, I love Hip-Hop.

4.5 Stars

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