I am suddenly reminded of another one of his projects, which I had deemed an underrated classic….I’m really surprised that L.E.$. hasn’t blown up in the manner of, say, A$AP Rocky. Hopefully he will soon. Tracklisting and download link after the jump.

1. Top Of My Game (prod. by Mr. Rogers)
02. Cali (prod. by June James)
03. Want It All (prod. by Mr. Rogers & Stunt N Dozier)
04. 3rd Coastin ft. Killa Kyleon & Paul Wall (prod. by Cardo)
05. Higher G-Mix ft. Jhene Aiko (prod. by Mr. Rogers)
06. Riding In Mr. Rogers Neighborhood
07. Smokin Exotic ft. Slim Thug (prod. by Mr. Rogers)
08. Candy Coated (prod. by D$F)
09. My Life (prod. by DJ Burn One)
10. Wanna Live (prod. by Cardo)
11. Gangsta ft. Boss Hogg Outlawz (prod. by Mr. Lee)
12. Get What You Give (prod. by Stunt N Dozier)
13. I’m On It (prod. by Cardo)
14. Smoke Break (prod. by Mr. Rogers)
15. Mothership ft. Bun B (prod. by GL Productions)
16. Havin Thangs (prod. by Stunt N Dozier)
17. Shut It Down ft. Chamillionaire & Slim Thug (prod. by Mr. Lee)
18. So What (prod. by Cardo)


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