Tracklisting and link after the jump.

01. Carl Lewis (Intro)
02. Celestrial (Prod. by Mr. Ivory Snow)
03. Scrunchy Face (Prod. by Absolute)
04. Valley Of Kings (Prod. by Conrizzle)
05. Champion (feat. Michael Millions, Big Sant & Francoise) (Prod. by Namebrand)
06. Priceless (feat. Conrizzle) (Prod. by Conrizzle)
07. Balconies (Prod. by Nils Matic)
08. Handsome (Prod. by Brad Oblivion)
09. Faithful (Prod. by Trac-Qaeda)
10. Time & Hope (Interlude) (Prod. by Conrizzle & Pat Preezy)
11. Slow It Down (Prod. by Mr. Ivory Snow)
12. Thug On (feat. Conrizzle) (Prod. by Conrizzle & Pat Preezy)
13. Praise The 808′s (Prod. by Conrizzle)
14. No Hamburger (Prod. by Trac-Qaeda)
15. Sky High (feat. D’Vine) (Prod. by Conrizzle)
16. Misunderstood (feat. Marcus Saafir) (Prod. by Lee Major)
17. Playin’ With Fire (Prod. by Stefan Skeeter)

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