Odd Futures,( Purple Naked Ladies + Track list )Dropping Next Month

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Odd Future announced yesterday they will release their debut album, Purple Naked Ladies digitally on December 20 followed by the physical release January 12.

 1. Violet Nude Women
 2. They Say/Shangrila (ft. Tay Walker) 
3. She Dgaf 
4. Cunt 
5. Cocaine/Tevie (ft. Left Brain) 
6. Ode to a Dream (ft Kilo Kish & Coco O.)
 7. Gurl (ft. Pyramid Vritra). 
8. Love Song -1 
9. Lincoln (ft. Mike G & Left Brain) 
10. Web of Me 
11. She Knows 
12. Fastlane 
13. Visions (ft. Coco O.) 
14. The Garden 

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