Smoke DZA – Miss Dimplez Interview

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I seldom have the opportunity to experience hip-hop and its artistry in Arizona, when The Smoker’s Club Tour rolled through I was given a moment to catch up with Smoke DZA for a quick discussion… I typically find myself traveling the Earth to get a glimmer of an interview of an artist I support, so it was that much sweeter to do this in my own backyard. This was probably one of my hardest interviews ever. Naturally Smoke DZA is a very relaxed person, so my tempered off-the-wall personality asking questions to someone so ‘chill’ was like mini-root canals with a Novacane drip, but practice makes perfect right? Right!

Our FaceTime discussion included the “Kushed Gawd” speaking on the response he’s been getting from Rolling Stoned, how being rap-oriented in his youth benefits him now, and advice to his former self. Our off camera conversation included a discussion of dreams of brand expansion past rapping into movies and more.Miss Dimplez

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