DC hip hop artist Muggsy Malone drops a new joint coming off of his upcoming mixtape “The Consistency” called ‘Before I Lay In A Box’ and layed over production by Grussle fof ILR (InnerLoop Records) out of the DMV.

Song Overview: “When I wrote this one all i had on my mind at that point in time was looking at the neighborhood where my cousin / mother lives along with my two little cousins and thinking ‘I got to get her out of here. Even though she’s seen gunshots , drugs and all that she still had a nice place to lay her head and she’s not used to this’ as i explain in what became the third verse of the song. I speak on how we as people in the urban community , not just black always seen to bow down to material gains before the morality of the situation can enter. Yeah we’re all guilty of it in some aspect. I as well elaborate on how a lot of the things I’ve been through seem to fuel my passion for music, the quest for success we all as men , women and / or parents strive to acheive and the roadblocks that continue to stand in our way to get there while putting God first. I figure like my father told me. As long as you’re trying your hardest to leave the world in a better posistion than when you came you’re doing the right thing. And I think that i’m doing a pretty good job.”

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