Soulja Boy – 50/13 (Mixtape)

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I’m being 100 percent honest here when I say I’m not mad at Soulja Boy for continuously putting out mixtapes, or anything for that matter. Reminds me of 50 Cent right now. Nonetheless, if you’re a fan, check it out….tracklisting and download link after the jump.
Sidenote: Young L on a “based” track but no Lil’ B?

1. 5013 Intro

2. Grinding
3. Splash Out ft. Agoff
4. Alien
5. Evertything Blasted
6. Fuck Around (Buck)
7. Great Seal
8. Work
9. Love For The Streets
10. Karl Lagerfield
12. Vintage
13. Moving ft. Agoff
15.Based ft. young l (Produced by Soulja Boy)


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