Industry News: RIAA Is Pissed Over Anti-SOPA/PIPA Campaigns

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….like we give a shit. From The Daily What:

Recording Industry Association of America President Cary Sherman lashed out against Wikipedia, Google, and the protestors who helped kill SOPA and PIPA in a New York Times editorial, accusing the Internet companies of running a campaign of “hyperbolic mistruths” and abusing their power.

Those arguments should sound familiar: they’re the same ones made by MPAA boss Chris Dodd when Wikipedia first announced its anti-SOPA blackout.

Sherman went even further, though. He implied that people opposing SOPA “simply believe that online music, books and movies should be free,” and that most of the anti-SOPA letters sent to congress came from the same Anonymous hackers who took down the RIAA’s website in retaliation for the shutdown of Megaupload.

It looks like Jimmy Wales’ hope that the entertainment industry would show “a little more humility” on copyright issues was a little bit premature.

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