Super producers The Renegades signed with We The Best Music, produced the DJ Khaled mega hit ‘Welcome To My Hood’ and are helping to cultivate the new sound in Miami hip hop. JukeBoxDC got the exclusive with the Florida natives, Mev and Reazy. Check out what they had to say after the jump.

-You both attended Florida Atlantic University, how did you link up and become The Renegades?

Mev: Reazy and I were both established producers individually and we caught wind of each other’s progress. We finally chopped it up and sat down to collaborate and the chemistry we had was undeniable! After that I asked Reazy to team up with me officially and the rest was history.

Reazy: Exactly

-Early in your careers you gained notoriety on Soundclick.  How were The Renegades able to shine on such a saturated and competitive platform?

Mev: Really, we noticed the trend of most Soundclick producers and how the majority of them tend to not make it very far in the industry. With that being said, we put less effort into Soundclick and more into our career’s longevity.

Reazy: Soundclick was always just fun to me but i never felt like I could musically progress with it.

-Who was the first artist that you worked with that made you kind of realize…like wow we’ve made it?

Mev: Kanye West in January of 2011. Just being in that working environment and having Ye ask us for our creative input made us realize that we REALLY do this.

Reazy: Agreed! Just Ye asking for our opinion on an arrangement or sample chop was more than eye opening!

-As far as musical background is concerned where you guys always geared towards hip hop or did you have some other form of exposure, for example band or classical training?

Mev: I’ve always been into Hip-Hop and the arts but had no classical training. Any skill I’ve acquired has been all self-taught.

Reazy: Myself on the other hand has had several years of classical training. I was in band from 5th grade, played numerous brass instruments and played in many orchestras at a professional level. I can read and write music and play almost any instrument.  I was taught musically almost my whole life.

-With so much talent production wise coming out of South Florida, how have you cultivated your own sound?

Mev: Miami over the years has been stuck to a certain sound that was iconic to the area. We really wanted to branch out and still keep that ‘big’ sound but bring our own influences into it.

Reazy: Living in Miami my whole life i feel like Miami was sort of stuck in a loop until producers like The Runners came through. So we basically wanted to make the same change in our own way, as The Runners had done before us.

-Since signing to DJ Khaled’s label ‘We The Best Management’ what has changed for The Renegades in regards to your everyday lifestyle?

Mev: There are a lot more sleepless nights spent in the studio working hard to keep elevating and getting better at what we do.

Reazy: Exactly what Mev said, we are on a mission to become the best that ever did it! We want to raise We The Best up!

-‘Welcome to My Hood’ has been one of your biggest hits to date, how did this collaboration come about?

Reazy: Well Basically, Mev and I sent Khaled a couple of beats for his album, not even an hour later he calls us back and says “THATS IT!! Thats my single!”. Khaled made us send the beat to T-Pain to write the hook and the rest was history. Khaled went and got all the artists we wanted on the track.

-You’ve worked with a wide range of artist in the industry. Is there any musician in particular The Renegades wish to collaborate with?

Reazy: I would have to say the doctors! Dr. Dre and Doctor Luke!!

-What is your preferred style of hip hop to produce?
Reazy: We just love making music, but we do love our 808s though!

-Outside of Hip Hop are there any other genres of music that peak your producing interest?
Reazy: Of Course!! We are really heavily into Dubstep right now, and love to produce Pop, Dance and Electro.

-Which equipment and software are you currently using to create your music?
Reazy: We are loyal users on FL STUDIO, but we can use anything we want to create!

-Top 5 emcees.

Mev and Reazy
Tie 1st/2nd: Jay-Z & Kanye West
3rd: Drake
4th: Ace Hood
5th: Rick Ross

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