From The Daily:

The hip-hop artist gave just $6,431 to his own charity in 2010, a year in which he earned an estimated $63 million, according to tax records for the Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund examined by The Daily.

His superstar wife, Beyoncé, made in the neighborhood of $87 million, according to a Forbes estimate — yet she didn’t give her husband’s foundation a dime.

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But the charity is hardly an afterthought for the rapper, formerly known as Shawn Carter. He is scheduled to perform the first of two benefit concerts at Carnegie Hall in New York City tonight, splitting the proceeds between his charity and the United Way of New York. Tickets range from $150 to $15,000. Jay-Z is rapping for free, yet it remains to be seen how many crispy Benjamins he’ll personally contribute.

Jana Fleishman, his representative, declined to say whether Jay-Z has given any cash to the fund since 2010, but notes that he contributes in other ways.

“Jay, along with his family, provided office support, overhead support, [mother] Mrs. Gloria Carter’s 100% effort and time, computers, FedEx expenses, accounting, and treasury function support. This was at no cost to the charity,” Fleishman said in an email to The Daily.

Still, tax records show the charity had to pay $1,209 for office expenses, $1,401 for telephone, and $4,696 in other expenses in 2010.

Fleishman also said that in 2011 — a year for which tax returns for the charity are not yet available — a Jay-Z performance helped raise $1.25 million for the charity at its Carnival at Pier 54 event.

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