In our next Inside the Box feature we interview DJ Freestyle Steve,  Steve is the official DJ for music mogul/production genius Timbaland as well as the exclusive DJ of choice for many NBA and NFL players and others in the music business.The veteran DJ has worked on projects with many of the elite artists in music such as Dr. Dre,Justin Timberlake 50 Cent and Madonna. In our interview , he speaks on what he has been up to since working with Missy & Timbaland, What his dream concert to Dj for, and  what he is currently working on.

Why are you called Freestyle Steve? Were you a freestyler before DJing?

My good friend gave me that name because I never played music. We had an underground radio station, and I wouldn’t play Miami music. This was back in 1990-91. He said “you just play all kinds of stuff you just freestyle”. The name just stuck. I still follow that same thing, that’s what makes me me. I have the word ‘freestyle’ tattooed on my arm. I never play anything set, I just make it up as I go alone. Like I said, the name stuck, and I still freestyle.

What have you been up to since Missy Elliott & Timbaland aren’t active in hip hop?

We’ve been in the studio with Missy and Timb, those albums are 99% complete. I’ve been doing my own parties overseas. I recently did Brazil and Marrakech in the same week. I did Madrid, lots of overseas parties. Recently I’ve gotten back into Miami parties. I recently did my first Miami party on the beach. It’s kinda like getting back into the swing of reconnecting with my city. Hearing my voice in the clubs, I’ve been out of the states for about the past 2 years. Gotta get my people back here. Lebron, D Wade, Santana Moss, it was crazy one night at Rico Love. Club Rush is always an incredible place to DJ.

You have worked with elite artists such as Dr Dre, 50 Cent and Madonna. Can you speak on those projects and involvement.

With Dr Dre we did the launch party for HP Beats By Dre Laptop, in LA. Being in the studio with him and Timb is a great memory. Madonna was an experience of its own. It was Timb and Justin Timberlake in London we were working on the album ‘Candy’. Being around her and listening to her stories, DJing a party for her was a once in a lifetime. We went to NYC and did a party for her at The United Nations for her foundation. Madonna doesn’t take any shit, she’s a true diva.

What would be your dream concert to Dj for?

My opening act would be R Kelly followed by Prince, my intermission artist would be Luther Vandros, he’s gonna sing during the intermission. My close out artist is going to be Teddy Pendergrass. That’s my guy, I love me some Pendergrass, musically I love him. The crazy thing is the person who would host it would be Justin Timberlake. Could you imagine how crazy that concert would be? That’s my concert there!!! People might ask why would I say that, they think I would be only hip hop. I’m totally different than that!!

What songs currently get heavy rotation on your set?

French Montana remix Rick Ross and Diddy, Rihanna with Calvin Harris, Beyonce Love On Top, Timb Break Ya Back, obviously that’s in my rotation, Jeezy She Said, Rick Ross Stay Schemin.

What are you currently working on?

My mixtape series, also working on building relationships with different promotors. It was hard to build when I was out on the road. Everyone was asking for me and Timb. Continuing to work and build my brand, trying to keep right. I have some DJs under me right now, DJ Styles from Jacksonville DJ NVS Styles from Miami. Working hard on Timbs and Missy’s release. Worked on Demi Lovato’s upcoming joint. Doing lots of parties, getting that popping. Working on this deal with the W Hotel, doing my own series in the lobbies of their hotels. I’m going to be on the road traveling with my brother Andre, taking over clubs. Just having fun.

I just had my first experience of Bieber fever, worked with Justin this recently on his new album. He is the new Micheal Jackson, his fans are some true die hard fans. One girl said they flew from Brazil just to get a peak of him. We recorded at Hit Factory. He’s becoming a man on this new record, he’s got some good stuff. I was really impressed. I didn’t think he would do that. I’ve seen it all and did it all, and eve I was like WOW! International party series, that still is my core. The Timb and Missy tour is coming that’s coming real soon so watch out!!!

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