Knicks rookie Iman Shumpert, renamed the Knicks bench  to Mob Deep.Prodigy and Hav spoke with ESPN on the team adopting their name. 
 â€œI’ve heard them play our music before at different games, maybe during the highlights on the news and certain things like that,” he told “But this is the first time where the team actually called something ‘Mobb Deep.’ That’s the Knicks. That’s what’s up.” After hearing about the nickname, Prodigy told his partner Havoc, who couldn’t believe how it stuck and got so big, even being mentioned on MSG Network broadcasts. That has led to numerous texts, tweets and phone calls whenever it’s brought up in the news. “I thought it was like a one-time thing,” Havoc said, “but then I started hearing about it and people kept on telling me that they mentioned it on MSG every time they have a game.”

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