A few weeks ago, I was asked to be a tester for the above app, and after playing around with it, I really like it. The fresh MyFaceWhen application — which launches in the app store tomorrow on May 16th —  allows you to record video and save as an GIF file that you can text to your friends. You can also use any music videos on your iPhone and create GIFs as well. After the jump, check out the press release for MyFaceWhen.

 Space Age Nerds Announce MyFaceWhenâ„¢ Release

Washington, D.C. (May 2012) — Space Age Nerds, an app company from the Nation’s capital, would like to announce the release of their brand new app, MyFaceWhen, for the iPhone in the App StoreSM. Their application enables users to create textable gifs, either from the user’s pre-recorded videos,
the app’s built in camera feature, or uploaded movies and television shows from the user’s computer. Users will enjoy one of the richest, most unique app experiences through new, innovative ways
to text messages to family and friends.

Notable features include:

• The ability to record new video footage once a user opens the app and instantly create unique,
one of a kind gifs to share.

• The ability to conveniently create gifs using pre-recorded videos that already exist in the user’s
camera roll on their mobile device.

• The ability to create gifs using videos and movies transferred directly from the user’s computer
to their mobile device.

• The ability to zoom in and trim videos to select specific frames in long videos, giving users full
control of the length of their gif creation.

• The ability to easily send a gif message directly from the app.

The app will be available for purchased at the price of $0.99 from the App Store and will be compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. MyFaceWhen requires iOS5 for iPhone.

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