During his interview with Billboard, Yelawolf says he delayed working on his sophomore album, Love Story to finish his joint EP with the Blink-182 drummer. No release date yet on the project titled, Psycho White, but he tells what we can expect.

“Every time we would get in the lab we’d knock something out. We just collaborated and… had a meeting of the minds. There’s a lot of cool stuff we came up with.” The EP also includes a guest appearance by Rancid’s Tim Armstrong, Barker’s bandmate in Transplants, on a “punk-reggae” track called “Can’t Push Us Around”. I don’t know Travis’ situation fully, the legals of it, whether it’s going to be free or sold or whatever. It’ll be available. As artists, hopefully we can get it on the shelves, but we’ll get it out there somehow. I’m just hyped for people to hear it.”


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