Webbie and others gathered to say goodbye to their friend, Lil Phat, who was murdered in GA last month. If you’re unable to hear the what Webbie is saying, below is the transcript.

We gon get it right, I was on my way here. I had to look at my girl, look at everybody..Stay in school. I could talk, you could talk, he could talk. Its just, I don’t know how to explain it. You know, but anyway. *inaudible* say what you gotta say my bruh. I feel ya man. I feel ya bruh. I dont even wanna be talkin bruh. But I did it for my dog. But its big man…*inaudible*…I say…*inaudible*…music man…*inaudible*….he treated me like BET man (applause) this my lil brother man, my brother man.

Check it out, check it out I say…*inaudible* we done did everything. Ya heard me? We done did everything but die. Now he done died, and we still going. Ya heard me?…YA HEARD ME?…*inaudible* when something happen to me, coincidentally happen, I know God made it happen. Like when *inaudible* I be like *inaudible* I day damn that *inaudible* I say man thats how God work. That nigga crazy…that nigga crazy…I call God my nigga. God my nigga, ya know? Ya feel me and thats just the truth. But yea…chill bruh chill bruh…remember its forever dog. My brother *inaudible* Baby, and Mark, Big Head, Donkey I know you in here somewhere, Boosie…straight up. *inaudible*……ya heard me dog I just wanna see ya laugh, he tryna get me off the stage, tryna put me out the building.

I like seeing you up man, I wanna see you straight. Ya know…ya know and yall stole my barber man (Webbie laugh) straight up boy but you know thats how it go in this kind of lifestyle. He know, he know like I said it would hurt him more, to see us hurt. Cuz he know what was coming, he know whast come with the life. I’m a doctor(???)*inaudible*………straight up and we livin, Trill for life do yo thang, amen”

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