Track taken off Kay Martay & Supa Dice’s joint EP ‘Deception EP 2’ available for free download. Check out the lyrics below the message.

We all are seeking more from life. We all dream and chase the things we desire. Some lose faith from time to time. But as long as you KEEP MOVING STRONG, you’ll be fine.

As we elevate towards a better place/ let’s celebrate for every blessing gained/
Success is just a step away/ Do you possess the strength to get ahead or break?

Raise your glass, here’s a toast/ for those who never made it past the year we hope/ they rest in peace/ don’t forget them please/
Coz we are next to leave/

We all wrestle with our inner doubts/ because its stressful tryna figure out/

The right decision/ should you try to fit in/ or find the strength to fight/ until they like your vision/

Life is like a game with chips/ we roll the dice and them we take a risk/

Simple rules/ either we win or lose


Procrastination is the thief of time/ one of the sayings that I keep in mind/

lord knows that I’ve wasted some/ the more I’ve grown, I just aint as dumb/ I’ve learnt time isn’t a luxury/ coz I was left behind/ but now I’m up to speed/

I’ve made mistakes/ but they’ve paved the way/ to wiser me/ now its time to eat/
No excuses as I climb the rock/
Gotta do it before my time is up/

regrets are like the deepest wounds/
You can bet they won’t be healing soon/

But with time/ you’ll be left with scares/ its best you grind/ until you get your chance/

Only then will you be content/
But it depends if you can be the best/

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