A new visual story from 1Xtra following Charlie Sloth’s journey to find out about rappers in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The follow up to the award-winning It’s Grime Up North. Watch as Charlie takes his search for homegrown rap talent nationwide and tries to celebrate the diversity of the UK rap scene.

Starring (in order of appearance): Astroid Boys, Mr Phormula & Hoax Emcee, Flow Dem, Goldie Lookin Chain, Jun Tzu, Dan Magill, Sketch Nine, Madhat McGore, Deko, Respek BA, Werd (S.O.S), Bigg Taj, English Frank, RoxXxan, Tez Kidd, Shotty Horroh & Mic Righteous.

Check out the music video for the UKRA (UK Rap Anthem) here.

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