The above visual serves as the theme song for the film Fedz:

Squingy the CEO of the hottest indie record label USG, teams up with the most talked about production outfit Show N Prove and come up with a commercial tune MONEY ON MY MIND. Exo and Lefty from the USG label provide slick bars to this catchy song.

Top Dog decided to test the tune out, not in a nightclub, on the radio or TV, but on the streets of Shoreditch, London.

“I have always thought, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were some of the best rebels and gangsters in the music industry, they came up with the most crazy ideas, didn’t ask permission and JUST DID IT. I mean the Beatles playing a live gig on the rooftop in a posh part of London. The fans loved it, the police tried to shut them, but they had to try to find them first. So with the song Money On My Mind, I decided let’s do this old school, take USG and a ghetto blaster out onto the streets, do the tune, and let’s see the reaction from the public. We decided to go to Shoreditch, which to me is the new cool West End, Shoreditch is not as commercial as up west, Shoreditch is still evolving, it still has an edge, with uptown girls, funky art galleries, graffiti, restaurants, bars, tourists, photographers studios, boxpark, shoreditch house, Internet and advertising companies. Graffiti is on a wall one day and gone the next. So I thought it would be fun to see how, Shoreditch reacted to the artistry of USG. Fedz Movie had graffiti up for the soundtrack sampler featuring USG and a host of other UK hip hop artist, it was on the old street and Shoreditch high street junction. The Fedz graffiti attracted a lot of attention, then one day a fly poster company papered over it. We found the person who did it, his name and his mobile number spoke to the company, told them they had papered over our graffiti, a work of art, but we decided if people were trying to shut us down, we would do a Beatles on them. We had graffiti for Fedz up in Birmingham and other cities, so they could not stop us. We decided to use graffiti as a backdrop for the video. So watch what happens when Squingy and USG hit the streets of Shoreditch.” – Top Dog

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