Tonight I had the pleasure to be invited to The Game’s listening party for his 5th studio album, Jesus Piece which is set to drop December 11th. The first track he played was “Celebration Remix ” featuring Bone Thugs & Harmony.  The song, which leaked last weekend, was a part of his new weekly series “Sunday Service”.  On the original record with Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Chris Brown, Game used the Bone Thugs & Harmony’s sample so it was only right to get the crew from Cleveland on the remix. During the listening session he spoke on how he got all the members of Bone Thugs & Harmony to get in the studio together.  The group members were in all parts of the country. The Game said he had to trick the members and not tell them he wanted to get them all on the remix, once they all got in the studio he got them to make magic which hasn’t been done in a few years.

The first record he played off the album is a record called “I Remember” which featured Future & Young Jeezy, produced by Young Lad. It’s a strip club record that will be played all over the country once it hits the stores.  Future comes in and sets the tone of the song with a powerful hook that you can feel and relate to if you ever been to a strip club. The Game comes in after the hook.  He raps about his life in the streets and past women before his fiancé. Then you have Young Jeezy, who comes in with a fire verse with his gangsta sound we have grown to love.

The second song we got to hear (The Game’s second single off Jesus Piece) was a track called, “Lady” It featured Big Sean, Lil Wayne, Fabolous and Jeremih on the hook and was produced by Cool & Dre. Cool & Dre sample one of D’Angelo’s hit records entitled, “Lady” I feel like this record will be a really big record for The Game and could be a future number one record . “Lady” is a record your Mother, Father, GrandMa, and Grandpa will listen to. The version The Game played didn’t have Fabolous’s verse on it yet. But Cool & Dre takes the sample which has the mid-90’s sound and made it modern. Everybody on the record has a fire verse, I can’t wait to hear the finished version with Fabolous verse. The Game said we will get this record in two weeks or so.

The third record The Game played from the album was a song with J.Cole called, “Prayer” which is his favorite record on the album, produced by Cool & Dre. On “Prayer” The Game raps about a female who he dated that came from a good home . Her Mother was a lawyer and her Father was a doctor but after they divorced , everything went south for her. After she broke up with Game, she move to Nebraska where was she dated a guy that was dealing drugs . She ended up getting caught up with him and doing a year in jail.  After her jail sentence ended, she moved back to L.A.  She began stripping to provide for her son .She ended up cutting her wrists and being suicidal.

J. Cole talks about a female he would mess with while on the road who ended up getting abused by her husband/boyfriend. This is a very dope and deep record. I promise yall you will love this record.

The final record The Game played for us was with 2 Chainz & Rick Ross.  Called, “Ali Boombabye/Bumbaye”.Game said the record was inspired by Muhammad Ali but he just played around with the wording and added Bumbaye (Boom-Bah-Ye).  One line that stood out to me on the track is from The Game, he said, ” I Smack  A Nigga, I’m Sprewell.  This will be a crowd favorite when we get the album in December.

The Game also let us know he called Trey Songz about calling  his album  “Chapter V” when Game had the album “F.I.V.E”.  He didn’t play this record but Game let us know he had a song with Trey Songz on the album called, “The Church”.   The Game also revealed another track he didn’t play entitled “Jesus” Piece” with Kanye West & Common. Kanye does the hook and Common has the last verse on the song. I know, like many others I cannot wait to hear this record when The Game’s album drops. The next installment of Sunday Services series will be a record called “Holy Water” which will drop on Sunday.  The album Jesus Piece is scheduled to be released on December 11.


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