Shot by Tru Say. Check out the lyrics below.


Verse 1

What the fuck’s up with these bitches, shup up do the dishes
And flash like a camera i hope you get the picture (flash)
I’m the one they hating on disrespectful with my speeches like
Dick in your ear , fuck if you don’t listen
Im just a man on a mission, working hard for my ambitions
Ironic i work like a slave , just so i can start whipping
When people don’t have much they start cooking crack in the kitchen
And serve that white to the whites like KKK distributions
What the fuck’s up with these kids
Always looking for beef, always out on the streets
Ducking snakes and police
All i see is a jungle, dickheads looking for trouble
And find the judge throws the book at them i hope you enjoy that novel
Put that tough face, because you want to buss case
Five years behind bars, fuck that shit, tough break, for heaven sake you will make it, make it out of jail
And breathing is the only time your going to feel like your in hell (inhale)


Heard you been talking about me, making rumours cause you aint on my team
But its cool, its cool its cool,
Because you aint messing with me, im getting paid my single is off the chain
But its cool, its cool (yeah) ( yeah)

Verse 2

Smoking drinking, drinking smoking living
Intoxicate all these women, man i fucking love this feeling
When you beat it
And she starts screaming boyfriend husband she needs it
But girl i just want to cum i don’t want to be committed
We don’t all get to live out our fantasies
Trying to live like a movie star with a budget salary, front on me then im a go in front the back like a battery
Why are we so scared of having a wife kid and a family
Cause we’re young we just want to live, Party in the house, party in the crib
Yolo in this bitch lets act like where rich, spend spend spend, drink drink drink
And ever since i went to uni, my mind has being polluted and my solution to fix it is to have no solutions
G shit, they on that H.A.T.E shit, want to clash me we can go face to face like romantic kisses
Success is my tactics, wheel chair, they can’t stand this, if you say my flows overdue (jew) i say fuck all you Nazis’


Verse 3

Suck my toes i will dam if i let a n’ rock my boat
Im that pace invader hit chorus maker, your making little sounds like a mouse no danger
Mess around me meet your maker, im vibing of that meek mills, its burnt, bun, burn, burn im turning them all into vapour
Don’t make me raise hell because i aint the dad of sa..
I can set your soul free but i aint talking bout maison
I don’t care what you got to say
When will i care, not today
See you on the streets I’m a slap your face
One back hand will jack the taste
Your week will end like Saturday or Sunday not sun mate no ice cream but she might scream when i smash a girl like she’s some plate
So don’t be lieing about me fool cause you will be drowning in sorrow like its a swimming pool
Im winning dudes, who are you, just put me in the freezer cause I’m freaking cool.


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