Cheryl Cole is MAD, literally. From Perez Hilton:

The Girls Aloud singer, who was famously axed from the judges panel of the American version of The X Factor before the first season of the show even premiered, only to be replaced by Nicole Scherzinger, let Simon Cowell have it via text message when she initially heard the news, but now, has fired off a lawsuit against the producers of the reality series for $2.3 million!

According to legal documents filed in El Lay Superior Court against Blue Orbit Productions, Chezza entered a pay-or-play agreement with them back in April of 2011, which guaranteed her $1.8 million for the first season, $2 million for a second, and living expenses, wardrobe, styling, and $15,000 per month housing!

However, upon her exit from the series, all she received was her $1.8 million, and now, is looking to receive not only damages “in excess of $2.3 million,” but also interest at the legal rate AND court costs!

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