article-2269611-1739A526000005DC-299_638x466Reports Sohh:

According to a nearby couple, rapid gunfire went off and sounded louder than just a regular handgun.

“It was rapid fire, 9 or 10 shots, rapid fire, rapid succession,” said George Maznicki, “it was loud enough, not a hand gun, it was a rifle.” “I jumped out of bed and ran out and George was in the kitchen and I said did you hear that and he said ‘Yeah, that sounded like a machine gun or something’,” said Carol Touchstone. (CBS Local)

Another key witness confirmed Ross and his passenger were chased, which likely led to the crash.

Beth Balk, who lives in apartment that car ran into, heard it slam through the fence. “Apparently someone was chasing them,” said Balk. “It was like a giant kaboom. It rocked me off the bed and I went to the front door.” “In the life of hip hop you never know,” said 99 JAMZ DJ Lorenzo “Ice Tea” Thomas. “There’s violence every day, so you never know what happens. We’ll just have to wait and see as the details develop.” (CBS Local)

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