Sandra Rose reports:

Transgender prostitute gangs have taken over a midtown Atlanta neighborhood, where they have evolved from soliciting men for sex to dealing drugs on Argonne and 3rd Street.

According to the Midtown Ponce Security Alliance (MPSA), the trans prostitutes have joined forces with drug dealers to supplement their income.

One officer wrote in a report: “In recent weeks drug dealers have been menacing area residents as they deal drugs through the trans prostitutes. More and more dope boys are marauding around among the trans gang.”

The trans workers turned to drug dealing after the number of Johns looking for females dropped considerably (the trans prostitutes ran the female prostitutes off).

Ten years ago the outmanned Midtown Ponce police force engaged in a head-to-head battle with the trans prostitutes – and the trans won.

The police can hardly contain their disdain for the trans prostitutes in their colorful police reports.

In a “Trans Prostitute Gang update” on the police website dated 9/24, the police refer to the prostitutes as “trannies” (the word was deleted from the report yesterday).

The police report also described the offensive odor of the unwashed trans street walkers:

The fact that they are living on the street, in turn, probably helps to get rid of some johns because the trans prostitutes they do find here smell like goats after not bathing for days on end. This segment of the gang keeps the pot boiling. On most nights, with exceptions primarily on weekend nights, the prostitutes are not picking up one john after another back-to-back like they were ten years ago.

Now that the police report has spread via social media, there will be changes — not on the street corners, but in the police department.

LGBT groups and pro-gay media outlets will demand that the officers undergo sensitivity training — because the trans prostitute criminals aren’t the problem –the police are.

The transgendered prostitutes belong to a protected class, and as such they can break the law whenever they want to.

In fact, when local residents call 911 to report the increase in trans prostitute aggression (chasing residents and pelting their cars with rocks), the police don’t bother to respond.

The midtown residents have learned to co-exist with the trans prostitute gang. But one local resident says the transgender gang specifically targets female residents, such as his wife, to harass and intimidate.

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