There was a press release that made it’s round on the internet; unfortunately, out late asses can’t seem to find it check that out here (or on Jezebel).

Anyways, the press release claimed that world-renowned artist/criminal Banksy was captured recently, and it appears it was a hoax.

From Business Insider:

There’s a press release making the rounds on the internet this afternoon saying that London police have arrested famed graffiti artist Banksy and revealed his identity.

Don’t believe it — the whole thing seems to be a hoax.

We just placed a call to London’s Metropolitan Police, who confirmed that the Banksy is still safely under cover.
And there are no reports about the alleged arrest on BBC or CNN, which both supposedly covered the story according to the press release on PRLog.

Tellingly, the contact address for the release is an email address at the domain name, a humor site (it’s currently down).

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