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Instead of focussing on school, playing video games, or whatever else children involve themselves in these days, the youngster stars in music videos deemed s*xually explicit; including one which shows him slapping the backside of a grown woman.

A “51A” report has been filed with the state, and allows DCF to investigate the claims, if necessary.

Poopy, real name Luis Rivera Jr., is only in the fourth grade, but his father could be found guilty of child abuse over his musical dreams. The child has taken the stage alongside the likes of Sean “Diddy” Combs, and recorded a remix to French Montana’s “Pop That” single. In the video for his interpretation of Montana’s hit, the little boy is seen riding in a Ferrari before the driver, yet another grown woman, gets out to clean the tires and bend over for the camera.

Given his tiny voice, and age, his lyrics are so ridiculous they shouldn’t be taken seriously, but authorities believe that legal action is in order. “It’s a bit much for a 9-year-old. It warrants the attention of the Department of Children and Families,” said police Lt. David Dickinson.

According to the child’s father, Luis Rivera Sr., his son “is not doing anything wrong” in the videos. The 30-year-old went on to state that the child is just “acting.” When questioned about Poopy slapping the butt of a grown woman, he likened the move to a game of baseball. “When you hit a home run, when you go to the bleachers, they tap you on the butt.”

Aside from the police, others who have viewed Poopy’s music video don’t share in his father’s sentiments. “It’s disgusting,” commented Ollie Jay Spears, a married father of three and community activist in Brockton. After reading a 1-page feature on Poopy in the local newspaper, Spears Googled the child and came upon his YouTube videos. “With the girl bent over and the other girl grinding into him. A 9-year-old with stacks of money and rapping about glorifying the drug trade, and demeaning women? A kid at the third- or fourth-grade level, talking about coke? It’s not entertaining. That’s borderline child abuse.”

Poopy isn’t the only young person under fire over their rap aspiration. The music of 13-year-old Chicago rapper, Lil Mouse has also been called into question.

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