First the Instagram dig, and now this: Future called in to Big Regg’s radio show on Hot 93.7 to speak on what he’s been up to career-wise, and definitely had some things to say about a certain colleague and his use of a certain piece of techonology (while praising his songwriting):

“I don’t think Future gets the technology… I don’t think he understands how it actually works. He’s writing great songs– he’s a great writer– as far as how he uses Auto-Tune… I think he’s thinking you just turn it on, and it happens. A lot of people don’t sing with it, they just sing and put it on after, which is a terrible mistake. There’s a lot of stuff you’ve gotta know about Auto-Tune before you can start using it, because it’s the hot thing to do. But Future’s still great, he’s doing his thing.”


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