From The Sun:

The N-DUBZ singer has started legal proceedings against Will in a bid to claim publishing money for the track Scream & Shout.

Tulisa was orginally meant to release the single after working on it with Will’s right-hand man JEAN BAPTISTE.

But Will nabbed it and recorded a version with BRITNEY SPEARS — which became a worldwide hit.

However, Tulisa — seen at Manchester airport with boyfriend DANNY SIMPSON — claims she wrote some of the lyrics on the track so she’s due some big money — if she can prove it.

A source said: “Tulisa is still fuming with Will for taking the song off her. The fact the song blew up only makes it worse.

“She’s well within her right to claim some of the publishing money.

“If she proves the words are hers, she could get a huge pay-out.”

One of the lyrics Tulisa claims belongs to her is: “When you hear this in the club, you’d better turn this s*** up.”

Granted, it’s not LENNON and McCARTNEY but if Will chose to leave in the line, then the singer is due some cash.

The total amount will depend on what percentage of the song she wrote.

If Tulisa’a publisher Sony ATV are successful against Will’s publishers BMG, the X Factor host will also have to be listed as a co-writer on the song.

Although the cash will come in handy — and pay for a few more trips to Ibiza — Tulisa will always wonder what the song would have done for her career.

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