Damn, Miami.

An 82-year-old woman was tossed off a train in Miami last month for refusing to stop singing.

In cell phone video shot by a fellow passenger, the woman, Emma Anderson, is shown seated on the Metrorail, loudly singing a gospel song and slapping her thigh with rolled-up paper.

A security guard is then seen asking Anderson to stop. When Anderson refused, the guard grabbed her rolling luggage cart.

“You’re getting off here,” he can be heard telling Anderson. “Let’s go.” A struggle between the guard and Anderson ensued, and Anderson was pulled off the train, falling onto the platform at the downtown stop, about six miles from her intended destination of North Miami.

“It was not right for them to drag her off the train,” Donal Anderson, the woman’s son, told Miami’s WSVN-TV.

A spokeswoman for Miami-Dade Transit told the network that Anderson violated its noise policy, which prohibits commuters from singing, dancing and playing instruments.

The policy is outlined on the transit service’s website under the “Creating a Nuisance” section. Prohibited activities include:

Impeding or hindering bus or train operators in the performance of their duties.

Playing any radio television, cassette player, recorder or other sound-producing device or musical instrument without the use of earphones. These devices and instruments may be played along the linear park underneath the Metrorail guideway only if they are not annoying or a nuisance.
Creating a nuisance and using any insulting or obscene language.

“We regret that Ms. Anderson had to eventually be escorted out,” the spokeswoman said in a statement, “but regardless of age, all passengers need to abide by rules associated with using transit.”

“Well, y’all may call it ‘noise,'” the elderly South Floridian scoffed, “but wait till Jesus comes. It’s going to be more noise in there!”

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