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One can only hope that while Adrien Broner is going YOLO, that he is also still focused on training and staying in top boxing shape. That is the one thing that no one can ever question Floyd Mayweather about, no matter what else he is doing, he stays in shape.

Part of being a talented boxing is skill, but the other part is dedication.

We know Broner has the skill, but does he have the dedication? We will see at some point, when he steps up the competition. Until, then will continue on his path to being the most unlikable person in Boxing.

In a lot of sports that could be a problem, no pun in intended, but in boxing no so much, as long as you keep winning. So, Broner can keep flushing $20s down the toilet and having oral sex with strippers on stage, as long he keeps winning, he will keep getting paid.

Speaking of the skripper, Broner has some sort of prior relationship with her, as she attended a fight with him a couple of weeks ago. You can see pictures of the stripper right here

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