Chris Brown invited MTV in for a listening session of his upcoming album — titled X — and gave few details on the project. What has been revealed is that he will be returning to rapping on the album, which will also feature fellow emcee Kendrick Lamar on a track called ‘Autumn Leaves’. Also on the album are producers Danja, who is behind the boards for ‘Add Me In’, and Diplo, who handles soundbed duties for the title track.

You can read the full write-up here, but below is an excerpt where he speaks on his continued return to rap:

“It’s funny, because I tried to get my record deal as an MC first, and when they heard me sing on the choruses, they wanted me to sing,” he said. “You don’t want to say something another rapper has said or come off like you’re trying to produce a punch line. It’s about being a lyricist and being clever about what you say. I don’t try to spit the hardest sixteen’s, it’s just me being clever with my poetic side, that’s where it derives from.”

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