Gucci Mane is a really intriguing figure: where you hear about him in the news, it paints this picture of an imbalanced, violent individual; but she you hear him speak or see his own words, he’s pretty good people….and his recent interview with Vulture is a good example of that. Definitely hit up the link to check out the full interview, but I just wanted to show you guys his response to the hilarious sex scene story that Spring Breakers director Harmony Korine told recently:

Harmony told us that you fell asleep while they were filming your sex scene. Did that really happen?
Yes, I was knocked out. I was tired. I had a concert down there in St. Petersburg, one of the days I had to shoot a scene. Same time, same night. We started shooting at ten o’clock in the evening until one or two o’clock. I was extremely tired because Harmony would work for almost 48 hours straight, I think. Even though Harmony is a close friend and a great director, he’s a hard boss. Make sure you put that in bold letters. [Laughs.]

Were you actually having sex, or was it just simulated? It’s confusing from what he says.
I tried to have some. [Laughs.] They just wouldn’t let me. It was simulated, but, you know, I wish it wasn’t.

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