G.O.O.D. Music’s Nigerian artist D’Banj has been reeeeally busy; first, he has a documentary (above) that captures the making of his upcoming project — titled D’Kings Men — that drops March 30th. Check out the snipper below, as well as the mixtape’s artwork and tracklist below.


01. Ibadi E (Let It Bounce) D’Banj ft. (*@&%^!&
02. Why You Love Me Like That D’Banj
03. Who Dat Kayswitch
04. Give Me D’Banj
05. Scape Goat (the fix) D’Banj ft. Kanye West
06. For Example Kayswitch
07. Trance D’Banj
08. Ololufemi J.Sol
09. Money On My Mind Kayswitch & J.Sol
10. Top Of The World D’Banj & J.Sol
11. So Fly J.Sol
12. Lugga (Bad Nigga) D’Banj ft. &&@^&!@
13. Skit (overshadow)
14. Don’t Tell Me Nonsense D’Banj
15. Nous les meilleurs (We The Best) D’Banj ft. %!^%@#
16. Don’t Wait Kayswitch & J.Sol
17. Willingly D’Banj ft. *!&&@^$#

Bonus Tracks
1. Oyato D’Banj
2. Cash Flow D’Banj
3. Bachelor D’Banj
4. Sista Caro Kayswitch & DeeVee


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