J:DC: What’s your favorite drank? Tussinex or Promethazine?
Ant: Both. Don’t matter, [but] Tuss be too strong [and will] have you clapped.

J:DC: What part of Baltimore are you from?
Ant: Westside.

J:DC: What is Marino Gang?
Ant: Those been my homies since middle school, they been rapping before me….so it’s like, if I got a way to help them succeed — like what I’m doing — then let’s get it.

J:DC: The Mob is well known for very rare visuals. Do you think this plays a big part of the success you’ll have?
A$AP Ant: Yea, because fans always wanna see video work, not just hear ya lyrics all day.

J:DC: Are you currently working on projects for the group, or are you focusing more on being a solo artist?
Ant: Both.


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