This is dope (the remake is of ‘Niggas In Paris’ if you couldn’t tell). Lyrics included below.

You know I’m bald so hard that my whole head’s shiny
so it’s easy to find me
what’s Rogaine to a mothafucka like me could you please remind me?
Bald so hard this shit’s grey, gotta sweep all the hair in the trash again
gotta buzz it, gotta keep it really short, i gotta shave it, or I’m looking like I’m Khloe Kardashian
see I’m a bald, bad-ass like Dana White,
when I roll up on your bitchy ass, in a slick Prius,
and I fight you when I’m high as fuck like Nick Diaz, and never get rehab
I’m getting cinematic with it, anybody wanna try to fuck with Lethal for their benefit?
I’mma kick you so hard that my shin’ll split, lil bitch, better get a mental grip, or I’mma run you over in a rental whip
I’m givin a kiss to Beyonce’s chest
you wiggaz is bangin ya head like Kanye West against a stop sign
you thinkin of makin guns illegal? I don’t care, i already bought mine
I slip in the clip then I finger the trigger and pop nines
I’m gonna burn the flag, got the Constitution up in my pocket
thinkin like a prophet, superhuman when I rock it, let’s turn down the beat and watch it
Check it you gonna get shredded, beheaded, deaded
my head is red like I fed it unleaded
embedded etiquette, mega-prophetic
never been hesitant, every devilish measurement of my lyrics is 77 megabits
sippin on a little hot sake watch me
all the rappers always tryin to copy is sloppy
I’m sick in the booth I’m stickin and movin and kickin a groove and I’m makin a musically
magical moment you wanna bomb like Nagasaki
so fuck anybody if they don’t like sushi
I smack Demi Moore on her old white booty
kiddo when I’m bonin
I push a girl’s slot to 12 am like Leno did to Conan
get the telephone and call the cops
come and search my head for the baldest spot
I’m like Bonnar and Griffin when I be bombin the rhythm
and all you lil booty bitches is just Donner and Blitzen
blitzin a Black and Decker rhythm man the mackest mechanism waitin for the day that BREAKIN BAD IS BACK ON TELEVISION listen
I’m hoping your flow’s gonna be tighter fuck anybody that ever stole one of my lighters

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