In addition to what you’re about to read, there was also a third incident where the Biebster was allegedly going ham on an individual who took the above cell phone pic….

On Wednesday, a photographer was reportedly approached by four of Justin Bieber’s bodyguards, one of whom choked him. The photographer then said one of the others snatched his camera’s memory card. All because he decided to take pictures of the Biebster while he was skating in a parking lot at the Hit Factory. Doesn’t end there, either…

A few hours before, he apparently had another pap begging for mercy (the visual of that seems unbelievable, honestly) when he tried to get some snapshots of the singer, also outside of the Hit Factory. This incident was apparently recorded, and you can listen to the audio below (courtesy of TMZ).

No opinions here, man…..it’s clear that Justin Bieber is the next Canadian after Drake to become a gangster as a result of hanging around real ones (just a theory).

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