Adrian Younge - Out Da Box Radio Interview by Out Da Box Radio on Mixcloud

Out Da Box Radio is happy to bring you our latest interview featuring the accomplished music producer/composer “Adrian Younge”. I recently got the chance to chat with Adrian on a number of topics, including how he got his start in music, making the transition from sampling to live instruments, living in the digital music age and the significance of album art to music. He also took the time to speak on his original music that was recently sampled by Jay-Z for the “Magna Carta Holy Grail” Album and how Jay initially got a hold of the sample. Progressing through the interview, Adrian also took a moment to speak in-depth about his collabo album with Ghostface Killah (Twelve Reasons To Die) and his thoughts about producer Apollo Brown, although admitting he hasn’t yet been able to hear the Apollo Brown version of the album. Nearing the conclusion of the interview, Adrian also took some time to give insight into his recent work with lead singer “William Hart” of “The Delfonics”, and how the soulful collaboration came together. There’s so much insightful information in this interview to keep your attention, I certainly believe you will appreciate it. I had a great pleasure building with the brother “Adrian” and I wish him all the best in his future endeavors. Please take the time to listen to our in-depth radio interview with the man himself and definitely feel free to leave a comment and spread the word if you like what you hear. Enjoy!

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