XXL got Young Moe for a quick interview while he was in New York recently. An excerpt is below, read the whole thing here.

I hate handouts, and I work as much as I can to get the real fan base that I’ve got. It’s not super crazy yet, but for each fan, I really work for that shit. Just before I came to New York, I was supposed to be asleep cause we were supposed to get up early in the morning, 4 or 5 in the morning. A girl tweeting me from—there’s like six hoods in Alexandria—she a young girl tweeting me from the projects, telling me—’cause I was around the projects, passing out CDs—so she’s like “Oh my God, I’ve been out here for two hours, I didn’t see you.” So she’s crying, she’s tweeting pictures, she’s in tears, her mother go on her page and tell me, “Yeah, Moe, like you said, “T.I.N.O.,” trust in no one. I told her school comes first.” Man, I got up, I don’t know, one in the morning and went straight to the projects, found out that girl’s door, knocked on the door at like one in the morning and lit the whole house up, and brought smiles to everybody. I really dig for each fan and let them know that this is more than music. I really feel for everybody who struggles. For real. Cause I done been through it.

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