This is taken from his recent interview with XXL, which you can read in full here.

“Actually just me and my homies, we was just looking further into the case, the situation at hand,” Ab-Soul told XXL. “I think the whole situation was very open-ended. Definitely no disrespect to Trayvon Martin or a lot of the things that have been happening along those lines. But I kinda just wanted to make sure we didn’t completely just forget about the situation.”

As for the timing of the record, the rapper explained, “I wrote it back when it happened, but we finally got around to putting it out.[I] felt like it was a good time. Because I haven’t heard too much more about it. I haven’t heard these conversations so I felt like it was a great time to put it out. Just don’t forget this happened not too long ago. That was pretty crazy. We don’t really know [what happened]. I really looked into it because it was really heart felt. Even still the whole case is really open-ended.”

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