ARtiST hIghLIGHT …Tidus

“These are not my dreads, they are some f*ckin antennas”

Tidus is an unique cat out of NY that I’m actually pretty surprised hasn’t blown up more than he has. I’ve been diggin his music for a while now. Since november to be exact.

First it was “Delancy”, that one kinda got me on first listen. The song itself is super cool and not hard to like in the slightest. I play it a lot when I do my Vjay runs on weekends and it grabs everyone’s attention as soon as the beat comes on.

Then the late night New York visuals are dope too. He actually impromptu recorded it during a Manhattan blackout during hurricane Sandy. It was a smart move though because it created a perfect, super cool, freaky type vibe that comes through strong in the video. Perfectly matches the whole slightly weird, “out there” demeanor Tidus tries to capture with his music.

After that I did my usual digging and pulled up a few gems from off his early 2012 [Mirrors] EP as well as his earlier 2011 [Doors] EP . All go along with his out there / spaced out, in a different galaxy theme. Not to be confused with lil’ Waynes “I am a Martian” attempts. Tidus actually pulls it off. Plus, Tidus’ sound and videos are more abstract, which better match his image. Take “Gone Face” or “Cruisin” for instance. Both are somewhat trippy, definitely unique, and do a good job of taking you “down the rabbit hole” which is Tidus‘ mind. Good stuff forreal. Gotta always give props who those who go outside of the norm and do something different. Especially when it works.

Anyways, with all that being said, I think dude is pretty dope. I mean he’s not the next Nas or Jay-Z, but he has his own lane and a forumla that I think is true to him. It works more times than not. And although he doesn’t have but so much material out now, I’m in high anticipation for something new. So ill keep looking and keep you guys posted. Let me know what you guys think though. Posted a few more of his highlights as well has both his EP’s below (which you can download for free). Enjoy…

by Jenewby

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