Visto was previously named on our Freshman list; now, he releases his new mixtape Before Euphoria which boasts features from Fat Trel, Black Cobain, White Folkz, Phil Da Phuture and more. Tracklisting and download link below.

Download: Visto – Before Euphoria (Mixtape)

01. Visto – Before Euphoria (Feat. Shari) [Prod. By Chris Key] (3:06)
02. Visto – Everything Gorgeous [Prod. By Mark Henry] (3:13)
03. Visto – Fxcking Around [Prod. By Krews HL] (2:56)
04. Visto – Make You Move (Feat. K-Rucka & Fat Trel) [Prod. By K-Rucka] (4:29)
05. Visto – One Night (Feat. Kyonte & Black Cobain) [Prod. By ThisGuyQ] (4:36)
06. Visto – Acapulco Gold (Feat. Folkz) [Prod. By Folkz] (4:37)
07. Visto – How That Pxssy Taste (Feat. Phil Da Phuture) [Prod. By Koncept Beats] (3:53)
08. Visto – Witcha [Prod. By Sunny Norway] (3:13)
09. Visto – Wakin Bakin (Feat. StefisDope, Itz2Eazy & Kaye Trill) [Prod. By Baze] (5:07)
10. Visto – Before Euphoria (Certified Remix) (3:41)

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